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Faucets are the most used fixtures in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Therefore, a problem with one of your faucets can be a major inconvenience.

At Cherry Blossom Plumbing, our faucet repair and installation experts here in Arlington, VA, can come to your rescue when those faucet problems arise. We’ll be there when you need us to fix that faucet leak or replace a fixture beyond repair.

End your search for “faucet installation near me.” Call us now for swift solutions.

The Major Causes of Faucet Leak

Faucet leaks are responsible for a significant percentage of wasted water across the country. Here are the top reasons why they leak:

  • Corrosion in the internal components. Faucets feature a compression system that’s prone to corrosion over time. Once corrosion sets in, leaks will follow. 
  • Damage to the O-rings. The O-rings sit on the valve stem. Once they wear out, the faucet will start to leak. Replacing the ring may fix the problem.
  • Damaged or loose washer. A loose or damaged washer can also cause faucet leaks. Replacing the washer will fix the problem.
  • High water pressure. Does your faucet only leak at certain times of the day? This is a sure sign of water pressure issues. Calling a professional plumber to investigate and fix the leak will solve the problem.
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Signs You Need To Replace Your Faucet

Nobody wants to spend money on a new fixture when the old one is still salvageable. However, you’ll have to ditch the faucet for a new one at some point. So, before you start searching “faucet repair near me” to find yet another plumber, here are some signs it’s time to go faucet shopping:

  • Persistent leaks. It’s possible to fix leaky faucets, but if yours starts leaking shortly after repairs, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Severe corrosion. Iron faucets can last long, but once corrosion sets in, it’s time to throw them out. Cleaning up the rust is only a temporary fix.
  • Inefficient operation. Do you find the faucet handle too hard to operate? Has the water flow reduced inexplicably? It’s time for a new high-efficiency system.
  • Poor aesthetics. If your bathroom or kitchen faucet feels out of place, it’s time to consider a better-fitting, newer model replacement.
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Comprehensive Faucet Repair and Replacement Service in Arlington, VA

At Cherry Blossom Plumbing, we can repair or replace faucets anywhere in your home. Call us for outdoor, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and faucet installation and repair.

Our highly experienced team can install everything from plain faucets to touch-activated or motion-sensing systems.

We can also repair faucets from some of the biggest brands in the industry. So, call us for Delta faucet repair, Moen kitchen faucet repair, and Delta shower faucet repair.


You can fix your leaky faucets on your own if you have the right tools to dismantle the fixture. However, be sure to pay attention to the arrangement of the parts for easy re-coupling.

The cost of a new faucet depends on the material, style, and features.

Yes! We are happy only to take on the installation if you want to buy the fixture.

Sometimes, it’s better to use a drain snake. Our drain snakes comprise high-tech, motorized equipment that breaks up and disposes of even the toughest clogs.

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