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Does your home have old, failing pipework running across it? There are only so many repairs you can do. It may be time to schedule a plumbing repiping service to prevent significant water damage.

Historically, homeowners avoided repiping jobs because they were expensive and incredibly difficult to accomplish. Today, thanks to the technology available here at Cherry Blossom Plumbing and our unrivaled experience, property owners can enjoy hassle-free plumbing repiping services.

Your search for “plumbing repiping near me” ends here. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

Top Signs You Need Plumbing Repiping

You can fix many pipe issues with some patchwork. However, there are scenarios in which repiping is the most cost-effective solution. We’ll look at them below.

Are you always looking for a professional plumber to fix pipe leaks in your home every few months? Those service appointments can add up quickly. Repiping should put a stop to persistent leaks.

PEX vs. Copper: The Better Plumbing Repiping Material for Your Arlington, VA, Home

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Total plumbing repiping can cost you between $4,000 and 15,000. The factors determining how much it will cost to repipe a house include the home size, number of floors, ease of accessibility, and choice of replacement piping material.

Our plumbing repiping service covers the replacement of water lines in your home. We’ll install new supply lines, water valves, and hose connections.

Your repiping frequency depends on the choice of material. You’ll need to repipe PEX every 30-50 years, while copper lasts 70-80 years. Less popular options like galvanized steel, cast iron, and brass can last up to 100 years.

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